Catching Up

In true Herald Angel fashion (that’s us, not the real ones) I might be a teensy bit behind.  So, please, don’t remind me that I never posted any Christmas pictures.  Further, do not ask how I could name a blog after angels so involved in the Nativity when I neglect to post about it.  Shame on me.

First Update:


Since her birthday fell on Holy Thursday this year, Man of the House came home for lunch and we had cake and ice cream then instead of after dinner.  It was nice to have that time with her then without the pressure of trying to hustle out the door for Mass.  We did not have a party–I’m a boring mom–but, she did have a friend over for a sleepover the week after her birthday.  I think the highlight for both girls was eating pizza while watching Tangled.  I very much appreciate that they were so easy to please!!  I don’t expect that characteristic to last forever.

The tradition, in the eagerness of my fresh, young motherhood, of constructing and decorating the “Birthday Shrine” for my kids is getting a little exhausting.  Probably in part because my kids have birthdays right around the two greatest feasts of the year.  I’m sure it’s also because I like being over the top.  Whether it was wisdom or laziness (or a peculiar combination of both), I put the shrine for her in our bedroom, knowing 1.) that she would be up before dawn and 2.) there would not be enough time to pump coffee into our pathetic, jaded parent bodies to patiently bear her sweet eagerness.  It worked out pretty well.  I think I may have started a new tradition.

Here’s a little smorgasbord of photos from her big day:

Thankfully, not showing any signs of being disappointed in my lack of decorating.  Phew.  Did I mention that I had the camera on the nightstand ready for her grand entry?  The things  we do for two extra minutes of sleep!

It tasted even BETTER than it looks!  We broke our fast to celebrate her birthday, but HOLY COW it was hard to wait until Sunday to eat it again!  This was a chocolate lover’s dream!

Riding her new scooter to the park!  She is only half smiling because she was exhausted but would not admit it.  🙂

Second Update:

I now hate winter with an even greater vengeance!  I cannot express enough how glad I am that it’s over!!!  The downer:  It was the coldest, rainiest spring ever, and summer doesn’t last forever!  (Dear God, please help me to be less pessimistic so that I can actually enjoy the summer without thinking about how fast winter is coming again!)

Third Update:

We have discovered The Cloche, which has made bread and pizza making amazingly delightful.  I can never go back to cookie sheet pizza making…Okay, except when I just need to get it done.  At any rate, this is a great tool and worth the price.  Now if only we can keep from breaking it…

Doesn’t it look scrumptious?  Man of the House crafted this one.


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