3/4 year already!

Things have been no less exciting, unique, or beautiful the fourth time around, that’s for sure!  I don’t always feel like I have enough time to drink it all in, but I see the preciousness all the same.  Little Star will be nine months old tomorrow, and I marvel at how quickly that time has gone by and all the milestones she’s reached already.  Little Star is well acquainted with table food and prefers finger feeding herself.  She has mastered the tripod crawl.  (But, what on earth is up with my children??…Only ONE of my four have crawled on both hands and knees!!)  And, just today she learned to stand up in her bed.  Cute.  However, there is one problem.  She doesn’t know how to un-stand and lay back down.  Made for a looooooong day as far as getting her to sleep.

She continues to daily grace us with peace, joy, and laughter.  Now if she can just get those first two teeth in so she can get back to her normal amount of laughter!

The tripod.

Biggest.  Splasher.  Ever.  Right there!

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One Response to 3/4 year already!

  1. Mrs. Pickles says:

    Tee hee — my babby is a big splasher too! And I’m finding that even though I have less time to lavish on my precious one, I appreciate this time of his infancy all the more.

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