Total Diva


The silliest thing about Littlest is how brazenly stubborn she is, yet how we cannot take her seriously!  I guess she can be so ridiculous it’s funny.  Take, for instance, Potty Training.  Knowing she absolutely HAD to go, we would try to put her on the pot.  Cheerfully promising copious amounts of goodies was of no avail.  Nope.  Nothing but flailing, kicking, screaming, and jumping off the pot before she was actually put on ensued.

Frequently, Littlest has monologues…or maybe she’s trying to have dialogues but no one is attentively listening.  We hear what seems like babbling, then we hear clear, dramatic phrases like:  “It’s my life!”  Or, “You’re naughty!”  My personal favorite:  “I’ll do it MYSELF!”  Gladly.  Now please apply that to going potty!

Actually, quite miraculously, she is almost entirely potty trained, except at night.  We have an image of Our Lady Undoer of Knots in our home this month.  One night we were all writing down a knot in our life to entrust to Our Mother, when Littlest felt kind of left out.  She wanted a knot to put in too.  Not able to think of anything else, I wrote, “Potty Training.”  Believe it or not, three days later she willingly started to go on the pot.  I’m still in utter amazement!  Why on earth hadn’t it occurred to me to seek Divine Help before?  If you’re still not convinced that this is an actual miracle, my other children took an extra six months to train for BM’s after I had trained them for the easy stuff.  I have not changed a two year old stinkie for over two weeks.  Imagine my relief!!  🙂

I’ve begun to realize how prim and proper Little and Littler were as two year olds.  You think I’m joking!  They were a breeze.  Not much mess.  Had a general since of order.  Didn’t feel so inclined to turn the house upside down.  Not much deviousness.  (Although, that has changed a little bit for Littler, whom my brother now calls “Firefiighter”!  And with good reason.  What possessed him to urinate on our wood burning insert in the fireplace, I don’t know, but I do hope that was a one time experience we can all laugh heartily about but never experience again!)  Littlest has been somewhat of a shock to my system, although I do realize that she is just my first “normal” two year old.  How many things has she written on in spite of repeated consequences for doing so?  This girl is a beautiful little whirlwind who likes to leave a trail wherever she goes.  It’s really okay, because I’ve had to re-prioritize.  An immaculate house is over-rated.  So is a semi-clean one.  So is a picked up one.  So is one that doesn’t have that wonderful odor left behind by delinquent potty trainers.

If you think Little likes to dance…watch out for this one!!  She TEARS UP the dance floor.  I’m just hoping that the producers and costume designers of Dancing With the Stars will start “leaving a little to the imagination” before Littlest’s debut.  Having seen it once, I firmly believe that her biggest aspiration is to perform on the show.  Really.  You should see how she tries to dip and swing when we dance with her.

Now to pick a song for Littlest:

I believe I did mention that we can’t take her seriously…

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One Response to Total Diva

  1. Aunt Shellie says:

    I LOVE dancing queen and your OSU sweatshirt!

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