“I don’t want to miss even one song!”


It’s amazingly hard to believe that it has almost been six years since I held this Little Beauty for the very first time!  I’ve always been struck by how beautiful she is, and what a great joy to see that beauty unfold and how it is manifested in her whole being!  What is on the outside is just a tiny little flavor of what is inside-a little lick of the icing on the cake!  When she smiles, I know a joy I never imagined possible.  That is not to say we don’t face challenges.  We frequently clash wills, but I suppose that keeps us grounded and honest.

Having been a tom boy, I have a sense of added pleasure watching this Little one!  Since the moment I heard her first cry, I knew that she would be a princess through and through.  It’s amazing how naturally girlie she is.   I often scratch my head at the fact that she is indeed my offspring.  She seems so opposite of me, or at least what I was like as a little girl.  I think it’s wonderful.

She enjoyed her first performance in The Nutcracker in December.  Her Little Mouse role was absolutely adorable.  You may or may not have heard that, through an unfortunate course of events (ahem…Man of the House playing a little too roughly), she had to wear a boot for a broken foot.  We were very pleased that she was still able to perform.  For the  most part, she was able to perform without much hindrance.  I confess, I did cringe as I watched her, though, wondering how many people were thinking to themselves, “What mother would possibly  want her child limping around stage?”  Amazing.  Mom Guilt can get kind of ridiculous.

Kindergarten has been a source of great joy for us…maybe for me more than for her…   Recently, she decided to put on a Rapunzel play, so we spent part of one Friday afternoon making a yarn braid for her performance. I like the flexibility we have to do things like that.   She also enjoys tinkering at the piano, playing a few tunes that Man of the House has showed her.  She loves to sew and create things, and I constantly enjoy the stories that she dictates to me.

Recent Quotes:

(She watched a movie about St. Theresa, which markedly sparked her interest in nuns and religious life)

“I think I might like to be a nun.  I could NEVER kiss the floor, though.  PLECK!  Hmmmmmmm…maybe I should just try it and see what it’s like.” Very quick kiss of the floor. “There.  I did it.  I may be a nun after all!”

I asked her if she could remember any of the Ten Commandments.  “You shall not spit.  You shall not tell jokes.”
“Hoh!!  I Don’t think spring will ever come again!”

A little glimpse of Little.  I can’t help but think of this song for her:

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One Response to “I don’t want to miss even one song!”

  1. Rachel says:

    Yay for “Little”! We love you! I love this post, Bren! Its awesome how she is growing so gracefully and beautifully! I love that you are taking joy in teaching her Kindergarten! Why shouldn’t it be you (rather than some stranger!)? God bless your beautiful family…prayers for you!

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