I’m Large But Definitely Not In Charge!!

Well, well, well.  Here we are 35 weeks pregnant and a few weeks without any posts.  Where have my posts been?!   I can’t help it.  I spend too many months cooped up inside-I have almost no desire to be inside now.  Yet, here I am at the request of the masses.  Okay, at the request of one follower.  😉  Let’s see…what has happened lately…

Little turned five.  In April.  I guess that’s old news.  Anyway, she had a marvelous birthday complete with a doll cake and princess party.  She finally had the princess parade she’d been wanting for months!

Aren’t they a beautiful bunch?!

If you are wondering if Man of the House enjoyed the parade as much as Little…the answer is YES!  (Maybe he enjoyed it more!)

Little’s latest accomplishments include being a major, MAJOR help to her Mudder, beginning to understand the concept of addition (which is kind of a relief to me b/c I don’t think she’s going to start reading any time soon.  I’m totally fine with that, but at least math is a strong point.), and, drum-roll please…….she is going to be a Little Mouse in the Nutcracker.  I, for one, am DELIGHTED that her rehearsals and her ballet class happen to fall on the same day, so I am spared an additional run.  On top of that, she’ll be there for two hours instead of one, which means I actually may have time to run an errand or go back home instead of sitting and waiting for her with three other squirmy children.

What else??

We’ve been outside a lot.  In the garden, the wading pool, on the swingset, searching for critters.  Last month, the Littles found a toad and responded with immediate joy that they finally got their first pet!!  Wellllllll, how was I to handle that one?  I let them keep it in a jar for a few hours, but then had them let it go.  Little was the most distraught about it, but really-what do you do with a pet toad?  I definitely felt like the worst mother ever.  The Littles have been extremely helpful in the garden.  They love to water, and they tell me all the time how pretty it is, which is so sweet!  We have strawberries, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, peas, squash, peppers, and green beans.  There are also pumpkins growing, but we did not plant them-they are from the jack-o-lantern that we carved in the fall.  It’s been fun, but I’m a bit bored with it now as all there seems to be to do now is weed.  But, we will be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor soon, I suppose.

Littler continues to grow into an even more delightful little boy.  I had struggled with him a bit over the winter, wondering if I would ever learn the best ways to respond to him, guide him, interact with him.  The past few weeks have been a very great blessing to me.  He seems to have grown a little in the area of self-control, and I am slowly, slowly, SLOWLY learning how to be more direct and concise with him, along with talking with him about things before they happen.  “We’re going to have nap time soon.  You are going to lay in bed while I read you a story.  Can you tell me what happens if you don’t lay in your bed?”  I don’t know what took me so long to learn how much I need to prepare him for things and to get him to tell me what will happen in certain situations.  I’ve found that giving him that greater sense of responsibility has helped him.  It’s been very nice to know that even if the oldest two do not nap, they can be in a room together and have quiet time.  Sometimes they play after only a short quiet time, but you will NOT hear this mother complain about getting a break!

Littlest will be two soon, and may, perhaps, get a sibling for her birthday present.  She is a very smart little girl who definitely knows how to weasel her way into getting what she wants from her siblings, and even her parents, especially-ahem-Man of the House.  She does, however, have to put up with a lot in the constant contact of her older brother, so I guess she has to make up for it somehow.  She has the funniest facial expressions, which I have got to capture in some photos!  It’s interesting how much she wants to be treated like a big girl but like a baby at the same time.  She’s no dummy.  She knows her time is limited.  😉  The most annoying part of this is not being able to walk up or down the stairs without her having a tantrum.  I just tell her all the way up…”You can come with me if you want to, but I can’t carry you.”  Oh, the tough lessons you have to learn when you have siblings.  She’s usually okay if she can hold my hand.  But, how the heck does a pregnant momma carry laundry with a giant belly and hold a hand at the same time.  The stairs just aren’t wide enough.  😉

At any rate, here are a few pictures from the spring for your viewing enjoyment.  Unfortunately, I can’t find our camera, so very recent pictures are lacking. 

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