Enjoying The Pace

Someone out there must have read yesterday’s post and stormed heaven with prayers for me, because today was a very, very blessed day.  I had the most relaxed approach to the day I’ve had in awhile.  Really, I’m doing the best I can with the house, but unless I am entirely devoted to keeping it the way that I want to, which would come at a very, very high price and would be ridiculously impractical, I just have to surrender to more chaos.  Case in point, I went to grab yogurt out of the fridge for lunch, and a frozen juice which had been thawed and mysteriously opened, fell out…juice splattered not only on the kitchen floor but into the living room and the bathroom!  Thus, I had a major mess to clean up, which I did with very warm, soapy water on my hands and knees only to walk there half an hour later and find that it was still sticky.  Mopping the floor twice in one day was certainly not on the agenda!  However, I was much more focused on really spending time with the kids.  It was such a blessing to have those frequent half hour intervals devoted to them, and I found that I was still able to do the things that absolutely needed to be done.  I even had a little time to work in the garden this afternoon, and we took a walk after dinner to meet Man of the House coming home from work.  I found that I didn’t even mind the snail pace…just completely enjoyed the little hands clasping mine!  Thanks for the prayers, and please-keep them coming!!  🙂

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