What a great little man!

Littler can’t seem to keep his hands off of Littlest and he tackles her more times per day than I can count.  So, I asked him one day why it is so hard for him to keep his hands to himself.  “Well, I just really like her!”  And that, my friends, is the little boy way-to touch, tackle,  conquer, and wrestle with everything that is appealing.  This is no less his way of life in church.  Last week, much to the mortification of his parents, he got a running start, jumped onto the pew with one foot, jumped onto the back of the pew with the other foot, leaped off of the pew and landed on the one behind it!  (Believe it or not, the pastor saw the entire incident, and when Man of the House was in the midst of scolding, he caught sight of Father chuckling.)  I know.  I know-we need to get control of our kid!  But, it did seem rather out of the blue, and he’d never done such before.  Alas, now he is always holding a hand in church. 😉 It’s just such a spirit and boundless energy that make little boys so wonderful, though.  And while it comes with its own set of challenges, namely, trying to keep everyone alive and unbruised and the house reasonably in tact, it really is quite refreshing to have a little boy…and somehow in the midst of the chaos, I find myself hoping that come July, he will have a brother.

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