Cabin Fever and Chaos-They definitely go together!

I am absolutely certain that every other mother who lives in a region where the winters seem never ending must be feeling what I am feeling right now!  I don’t know what has happened to my children over the past two weeks, but I can tell you this:  I am quite ready for the days when they can go outside, and believe me, I will lock them out there if I have to. 😉  Routines and rules…you mean, we used to have them?!  They’ve been nearly impossible to enforce lately.  I’ve been finding dental floss with half of the roll strung out, my jewelry, the fireplace tools, baby items that have been stored away for months, cups, spills, tupperware containers and lids, movies-didn’t know Little could now reach them, and of course toys all over the place.  I wonder when all of this happens…then I realize how little time it takes for all of this to unfold.  A diaper change, a two minute trip to the bathroom or laundry room, while I put Littlest down for a nap, an accident clean-up, a phone call (please forgive me if I don’t always answer…), meal preparation.  Yes, these kids are so ready for spring, and even more, I am ready for spring.  Warm sunshine please come soon!!!!

The least I can do is fast-forward twenty years from now, when I’ll be missing how much they need me and the beauty of their first years!  It does help a little bit, as does my latest approach- “I may not be able to stay on top of things as much as I want to, but I’ll take 15 minutes to make it better, then let it go.”  Admittedly,  the letting it go part is a bit challenging at times, but I’m getting better at it.  It also helps, that through all of the chaos and uproar, they retain their total cuteness!!  For example, as I was preparing dinner today, (notice I said prepare…I don’t always cook ;))  Littlest opened the dishwasher and perched herself there, reading a story to her doggie.   Tell me that does not bring a bit of a smile to your face!  The important thing is that it does to mine!!

What’s more-there is hope!!  Spring is on the way!  It really is!!!  We found crocuses and tulips coming up the other day!  We hear the birds chirping earlier in the morning!  We’ve been having more sunshine, and it stays light out until at least 6:30!!  Allel…well, you get the picture!  I’ll do my best to wait until Easter!

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