Go Ahead and LOL

Exhausting and chaotic as it may be, life with young children is quite humorous.  There are plenty of things to have a good laugh over around here.  The challenge-keeping our heads out of the craziness enough that we are free to enter into that humor.  In the midst of all the demands they sometimes overwhelm me with, I’ve recently realized that I’ve been overlooking just how ridiculously silly they are.  For instance, Littlest very frequently “asks” for a drink by coming into the kitchen and shouting, mouth wide open as she can get it, vein in the neck popping out, eyes wide open, “MIIIIIIIIIIIIILK!   MIIIIIIIILK!”  Annoying as it can be sometimes, considering I’m already working on the food she asked for-or even when I’m in the midst of pouring milk for everyone, I’ve recognized that this deserves a good chuckle instead of my frustration that three little people are vehemently asking six things from me at once!

Then, there are Littler’s  constant disciplinary reminders to me-“Don’t talk with food in your mouth, Mommy!”  “We don’t talk back and we DON’T say stupid!”  Or even better are his prayers- “Dear Jesus, I’ve just been sick and my belly didn’t feel well.”  “St. Mary Thomas, Pray for us.  St. Mommy, Pray for us.”  (If only…)

Little:  ah, Little.  This girl has a good memory and an amazing capacity to find avenues of getting new things.  Last year, we checked out a book from the library for Valentine’s Day.  I cannot recall the title or author, but the story was about a mouse, the Valentine Mouse, who gave out Valentine treats and gifts.  The day before Valentine’s Day this year, as we were preparing cookies for the neighbors and making decorations for the dining room, she piped in, “I wonder what the Valentine Mouse is going to bring us tonight.  Mommy, the Valentine Mouse will visit us, won’t he?”  Hence, an impromptu  trip to the store to get a balloon, a flower, and a little book for each of them.  They were pleased to wake up and find their treats. Even before Little discovered them she said to me, “Mommy, I KNOW the Valentine Mouse came!”  “Yes?  How do you know that?”  “I had a dream about him, and I just know he came!”  Good thing she was right.  A few days later, she decided that she no longer wanted the string attached to her balloon, and I threw it in the trash.  Upon discovering it there, she responded, “Ugh.  You put my string in the trash.”  “I thought that you didn’t want it anymore.”  “Well, I just don’t want the Valentine Mouse to be unhappy with me.”

The things they come up with!  Funny as the things they say are, sometimes I can’t even remember them by the end of the day.  I should really get a tape recorder…

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