Littler is 3!

With a birthday five days before Christmas, it usually happens that his birthday post gets mixed in with the Christmas posts.  One of these years, I’ll take his birthday pictures off of the camera and post before Christmas.  Alas, here they are, pictures from his celebration.

We celebrated his birthday by decorating a birthday shrine where we put out his gifts.  This oblivious little man did not find the shrine until 20 minutes after waking.  We were in a rush getting ready for mass, hoping that perhaps he wouldn’t find them before we had to leave.  Alas, we were upstairs getting dressed when we heard his exclamations:  “A drum!  I got a drum!  There’s a drum!”  He loved the drum so much, that Little opened all of his presents while he played it.  Needless to say, we missed our intended mass, but were able to go out to breakfast before mass instead of after.  It worked out quite nicely, in spite of the fact that taking the kids to mass at any time after 10 am sets us up for a wrestling match.

It wouldn’t be a birthday celebration without cake!  Littler was excited to have friends join him for this part.  We had friends come over for Christmas caroling around the neighborhood, and settled back inside with some hot chocolate and birthday cake.  All in all, it was a great 3rd birthday for this lovable little guy!

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