I’ll start with Littlest, whose development in the speech department is not always amusing to me (i.e. the first two quotes):

~“NO!” (Hundreds of times every day, of course).

~“Stop that!”

~“Amen.  Alleluia.” She sings this at random points throughout the day.

~“I good girl.”

On to Littler:

~(This one is from the middle of the night when we were spending the night at my parents’.  Our little guy is a little sensitive at night.  Man of the House was sleeping with him and got up to go to the bathroom.  Littler immediately started crying: “Daddy, where are you?! Is Daddy coming back?” I calmly reassured him that he would.  He calmed down started heading back to his bed, and then: (Calmly) Wait a second…I’m wet!” Once again tears and yelling: “I’m WET!!  Daddy, I’m WET!!  I’m WET!”

~Crying on Christmas Eve because he knew he shouldn’t get out of his bed:  “I’m crying!  I’m crying because I got out of my bed and now Jesus and Santa can’t come!” Wow!  Our threats were pretty effective…

~His reaction to seeing the tree Christmas morning: “Santa CAME!  Oh, look, and Baby Jesus!  Baby Jesus came!  Baby Jesus!  There’s Baby Jesus!” I’m glad the manger under the tree made an impression on him.

Can’t leave out Little:

~On the way to my parents’ house, she offered to help with the DVD player.  “I’ll hold the movie for the kids.” Guess she doesn’t think of herself as a kid anymore.

~As usual, there were tears and lamentations as we left my parents along with persistent begging that we let them stay as we go back home.  Half way home we hear: “Mommy and Daddy, I’m so thankful.  I’m so thankful of you!  Thank you for taking me back home, back to my computer.  I can’t wait to play with it again.”

~Someone asked if she got everything she wanted for Christmas.  “No…there wasn’t any snow.”

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One Response to Quotables

  1. I like how Littler attempted to negotiate an extended stay at Grandma’s: “Wait a minute! I have an idea: how ’bout you and daddy go back home and then come back and pick us up!”


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