The Littles

I have had a few issues with blogspot, which have made it incredibly time consuming to post.  That means I hardly ever post, so I’m hoping that wordpress will be a little more promising for me. Generally, the goal of my blog posts is simply to share various aspects of our daily lives with others, especially our family and friends who we are not often able to see.  While I typically feel that my posts must be completely uninspiring, every once in awhile I am compelled to share a few of the deeper thoughts I have.  These may not be all that inspiring either, but sometimes they are worth sharing if for nothing other than my own growth and intellectual stimulation (every stay-at-home mother definitely needs that at least once in awhile).   🙂

Without further ado, I will introduce my family, just in case any new readers come along who do not know us personally.  (I have donned Internet nicknames for each family member for privacy purposes).

Man of the House is a wonderful and very loving husband and father.  He is also, as he would say, a dirty, stinking lawyer.  After four years of clerkships for judges at the district and appellate level, he is now working at a very wonderful firm.  I am especially grateful for this firm because everyone there understands the importance of family life.  The one quality he is most well known for is his laughter and his ability to bring that joy and laughter to everyone around him.

Mudder-that’s me.  I have chosen this name because that is what Little calls me, and it’s pretty darn cute when she calls me that.  As I mentioned before, I am a stay at home mother.  Believe it or not, this is what I have always wanted to do, even since I was a little girl.  During high school I would routinely tell my friends that I wanted to have 12 children.  That number seems awfully scary in reality, but God does keep blessing us with children.  I pray that I am the best mother to them that I can be…some days I think I must be pretty scary.  They still seem to love me, though. 🙂

Little is our oldest child, and she is a dear, dear girl.  Four and a half years old, and such a wonderful helper!  She has the most beautiful smile that makes her eyes twinkle and dance.  A great conversationalist, it’s nice to have her still at home.  I enjoy our discussions-sometimes they are essential to helping me get through the day.  She is our princess, as she typically only wears dresses, loves princesses, and is completely in her element at her ballet classes.  100% girlie.  That didn’t come from me.

Littler:  Handsome little fellow is almost three.  Tough as nails, yet extremely sensitive at the same time, he is the spark of the family, keeping us always laughing and down to earth.  There is nothing I love more than his dimples and the way his eyes scrunch up when he smiles.  I have a tough time making sure that his physical/aggression needs are met on a daily basis, but they are part of what make him such a fun and delightful little boy.  Between running around the house riding his horse or cow and marching around the house with his drum (coffee can and lid) and trumpet (whatever stick he can find), my floors are sure to be pretty worn out by the time he’s through with them.

Littlest is 16 month old and is simply delicious.  Not one person in our house can stop kissing her cheeks!  She is a very happy baby, and that makes me happy too.  She has been an amazing answer to our prayers.  As I struggle through daily life with a melancholic temperament,  something about the way she looks at me and the way that she is almost always calm (except when she wants something she is not getting) just help me to not take things so seriously.  She too is a princess, but in a very different way than Little.  She doesn’t possess the externals of princesshood, but, believe me, she demands the treatment of a princess!  Just tonight I had a difficult time laying her in her bed, I could snuggle her all night long.  (I’ve learned that it’s best for me to leave a little longing in my heart.  It makes me all the more excited to see her in the morning.)

Little Blessing will arrive mid-July.  Yes, I could use prayers as I sludge through the days of early pregnancy.  We are very excited, however!

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